Elizabeth J Fleming, DDS

Family Dentist and Speaker

Dr. Elizabeth Fleming

About Dr. Fleming

Dr. Fleming is an experienced comprehensive and family dentist who has managed her private practice in Phoenix, AZ for over 30 years.

Her multi-year tenure as Chair of the Council of the AZDA that engages and books speakers for the Western Regional Dental Experience spurred her into becoming a speaker herself, as well as to form Quality Dental Voices Speaker's Bureau.

Working outside of private practice, she was Clinical Director for Dentaltown Magazine from 2013-2015, where she became proficient in editing, writing (Women in Dentistry) and recruiting authors for the publication. (Bisphosphonates )

As an industry leader, Dr. Fleming continues to review dental products for the Publication, Dental Product Shopper.

In her home state of Arizona, she is active in the local dental association, serving as Chairman of the Council on the Annual Session for AZDA for the past 5 years. It is here that her love of learning has allowed interaction with many of the dental speakers who presented at the Western Regional Dental Experience, and her ideas were instrumental in bringing change to the local convention for 2018.

Courses Offered

An Insider's View on Dental Speaking

Do you have what it takes to become a successful dental speaker?

After serving as Chair for the committee that chooses the speakers for the Western Regional Dental Experience (WRDE) in AZ for over 5 years, Dr. Elizabeth Fleming will give you that information and more, to help you get on the path to obtaining the speaking engagement of your dreams.

Lecture: 1 hour


  • Learn what planners look for in a speaker
  • Preparing your bio
  • How to choose your topics
  • Emerging speaker platforms
  • Start small, then aim for the stars 

Women in Dentistry

Women entering the field have increased to the point that soon dentistry will no longer be a male dominated profession.

In spite of the numbers of women dentists, we still lack in our showing in leadership positions and as speakers on the lecture circuit. Women in power positions are looked upon as being "bossy" rather than being a good business person.

In this course, Dr. Fleming will review Sheryl Sandberg's observations in her book, Lean In, sharing how we can move forward as Women in Dentistry.

Lecture: 1 hour  

  • Review current statistics of women entering the dental field
  • Empower women dentists by learning from, mentoring and joining with other women dentists

Laser Pointers: Activated Tips for your Practice

Diode lasers can be used regularly for soft tissue procedures in the dental office, after obtaining laser training and certification. When compared to traditional surgeries with a scalpel or electrosurgery, the diode laser is found to have less postoperative pain and swelling, without sutures. It is a quick, easy way to perform soft tissue surgeries in your dental practice, with minimal cost.

This lecture can be paired with a workshop to demonstrate and work with the diode laser. Lecture: 1 hour  Workshop: .5 Hour


  • Learn the science behind diode lasers
  • Review therapies administered by the dentist and those by the hygienist
  • Discover why dual wavelength makes a difference
  • See video demonstrating the ease of use of the Gemini Laser
  • Learn CDT codes for insurance reimbursement
  • Understand why you need this technology in your practice


Tips for Financial Success in your Practice and Life

Successfully running your business requires evolving from the business model of the past. Don’t be afraid of change! Monumental modifications have occurred in the areas of money and banking, especially with the advent of the internet. Don’t be left behind!

Lecture: 1 hour


  • Convert from paper checks to receiving EFT’s from Insurance companies
  • Are we becoming a cashless society? Be like the millennials.
  • Manage your practice with regular office meetings and morning huddles
  • Start your online presence and obtain reviews

Cell Phones & Social Media: Your practice can’t thrive without them!

We are in a digital revolution, and our cell phones play a vital part. When did you last pick up the Yellow Pages? A map? Take a taxi? Now there are apps for everything right at our fingertips, which have changed how people interact with our practices, before they even come through our door.

Online reviews are the new Yellow Pages, and are paramount for today’s new patients. Do you have an online presence? If not, how will they ever find you?

Lecture: 1 hour


  • Creating your online presence
  • Review of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Claiming your sites
  • Confirming services, what are they?
  • Using Google Voice as your emergency phone number

Finding Balance in Life

Dentistry is a demanding profession. What steps can you take to better enable yourself to have a long and healthy career in your chosen field? Keep striving to achieve balance at home, work and in your spare time. (Spare time? What is that?!)

Lecture: 1 hour


  • Realize your stress release 
  • Learn goal setting and achievement
  • Plan your “Me” time, a never ending battle
  • Eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep for maximum efficiency