Emily Letran, DDS, MS

Dentist and High Performance Coach

Dr. Emily Letran

About Dr. Letran

Dr. Letran is a general dentist and owner of two multi-specialty group practices in Southern California. As a busy mother of three, Dr. Letran creatively balances work, family and her personal life as a growing entrepreneur.

Dr. Letran has written several books, spoken at numerous leadership events and is a certified High Performance Coach, ready to share her knowledge with other  professionals, to maximize their potential in business and life. High Performance Coach

Courses Offered

Fast Track to High Performance Leadership

Being successful in a business, at any position or level, requires you to activate your full potential and become a high performer. We all would like to have MORE in our lives: MORE success at work, MORE happiness, and MORE passion.

Dr. Letran will share strategies and actionable steps to maximize your production and influence, setting your path toward high performance leadership in your business.

Lecture: Half day


  • Developing goals 
  • Productive scheduling
  • Positioning yourself as a community leader
  • Take home action plan on becoming a high performance leader

Action to Win: Achieving Success in Business & Life

After 24+ years of business as a dentist/entrepreneur, Dr. Letran has many real life stories and practical examples to help implement strategies to achieve success in both your business and personal lives. Her presentation may be your inspiration to think beyond your local office, to think instead of the global impact that your legacy may create for the next generation.

Lecture: Half day


  • Learn ACTION framework and how to implement it
  • Hear marketing strategies to increase referrals
  • Learn tracking metrics to monitor marketing success

Team Building & Expectations

Training and communicating with your team are important aspects of developing your "dream team" to help you to grow your practice.

Lecture: Half Day


  • Developing job descriptions/expectations
  • Training your team 
  • Communication and review
  • Conflict resolution