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Dr. John Flucke

About Dr. John Flucke

Dr. John Flucke has a private practice in Lee's Summit, Missouri, serves as Technology Editor for Dental Products Reportas well as Chief Dental Editor where he writes, edits and makes videos of products featured in his "Technology Evangelist" columns.

Having one of the most popular dental blogs on the internet, Dr. Flucke features daily updates on technology in healthcare. He also lectures extensively on all aspects of clinical dentistry and leading-edge technology, across the US and abroad.

Dr. Flucke is a consultant for the development of dental products by manufacturers and is past president of the Greater Kansas City Dental Society, as well as having served as the Missouri State Peer Review Chairman.

Courses Offered

A Complete Guide to High Tech Dentistry in a Paperless Office

Learn strategies for total integration of digital dentistry and digital records. Dr. Flucke will cover all the necessary components and techniques of converting a paper based office to a digital one, including the high tech operatory.

Topics covered include backup strategies, conversion from paper to digital charts, digital radiography, digital operatory layout, digital patient registration, digital record keeping, efficiency, organizational advantages and more.

Lecture: Half Day


  • Converting from paper to digital charts
  • Developing effective backup strategies
  • Thinking digital integration from the front office to the operatories

Clinical Technology That Can Improve Your Practice without Draining Your Retirement Account

Learn about many technologies and strategies that can improve your efficiency and patient care. Topics covered include the digital operatory, lasers, endodontic improvements and many others. This fun and fast-paced lecture will give you tons of info, no matter where you are on the "techno-curve", in an entertaining and highly interactive format.

Not every piece of technology needs to be expensive complicated. There are lots of "techno-nuggets" out there, that can change your office and the lives of your patients for the better, without requiring a loan or a 6 week training program. Dr. Flucke, Technology Editor for Dental Products Report, scours trade shows and the internet to find the latest and greatest products and you don't have to!

Dr. Flucke pushes his office to be on the leading edge and will show why and how high tech can make practicing easier and more fun. The techniques and devices presented are ones that are used every day in his office, so this lecture comes from the perspective of real world clinical experience.

Spend the day with "Dentistry's Technology Evangelist" and leave with a list of new and exciting ways to improve patient care and office efficiency the very next day.

Lecture: Half Day or Full Day


  • Advantages of digital operatories
  • Uses of different laser wavelengths
  • Improve your bonded restorations
  • Learn implementation strategies
  • Learn affordable ways to improve clinical outcome and efficiency

Advanced Digital Caries Detection

Are you seeing the "total picture" of your patient's caries status? There are many new high tech devices on the market that will give you information about your patients, which will change the way you practice. Dr. Flucke, Technology Editor for Dental Products Report, will cover the science behind caries, as well as the science behind these new cutting edge devices, to make finding, monitoring, and treating dental decay more predictable and less stressful for both you and your patients.

Extensive real world clinical experience with each of these devices allows Dr. Flucke to provide practical information that will help doctors who are new to the topic, as well as those experienced users. Attendees will walk away with a detailed understanding of what the devices do and which is best suited for their particular style of practice.

Spending a half-day with "Dentistry's Technology Evangelist" will allow you to leave with a list of new and exciting ways to improve patient care the very next day.

Lecture: Half Day  (Can also be paired with Hands-on Workshop)


  • Learn new devices that allow for early and reliable caries detection
  • Discover why the explorer is no longer the backbone of the diagnostic process
  • Learn restorative techniques, materials, and preparation modalities
  • Understand predictable ways to monitor carious lesions in your practice

Soft Tissue Lasers-Science and Substance...and a Shootout!

Learn the science behind soft tissue lasers, while also gaining valuable hands-on experience with devices from several different manufacturers. The hands-on exercise will give you the confidence to pick up a laser and treat patients the first day back in your office. Tips and tricks to make your laser usage easier will be discussed and demonstrated.

Several different lasers will be available for you to try and compare.

Lecture: Half Day (Can be paired with Hands-on Workshop)


  • Understanding the science of laser usage
  • Identify parameters and proper settings for laser procedures
  • Identify patients needing laser treatment
  • Gain confidence to provide laser treatments in your office

Practice Digital Dentistry in the Operatory of the Future- Burn Electrons, not your stomach lining

Learn the advantages and the design of a digital operatory. See a real-world scenario of a fully integrated digital operatory and how technology can improve patient treatment and increase efficiency.

Practicing digital dentistry is no longer an "if", it is a "when". Find out how intelligent uses of technology can improve patient outcomes and have the doctor and staff excited about walking into the office every morning!

Dr. Flucke will cover the design, devices, and strategy of bringing all aspects of technology to your fingertips. Spend a fun and interactive half-day with dentistry's "Technology Evangelist".

Lecture: Half Day


  • Learn digital operatory design and treatment strategies
  • Increasing efficiency with technology
  • Learn to give patients a "Wow" experience with technology

Predictable Low Stress Endodontics for the General Practitioner

In this exciting hands-on course, Dr. Flucke will help you discover how to make endodontics predictable, profitable and low stress. He will cover topics such as: diagnosis, canal location, instrumentation, irrigants, intra-canal medicaments and obturation. As a general practitioner, Dr. Flucke understands the endodontic challenges faced by other "in the trenches" GPs. This course will help you realize how manageable endodontics can truly be for a general dentist.

Lecture: Full Day  (With or Without Hands-on Workshop)


  • Gain understanding of proper case selection
  • Learn diagnostic techniques
  • Discover isolation tips and techniques
  • Learn revolutionary instrumentation techniques
  • Compare irrigation choices and deliveries
  • Discover effective obturation techniques

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