Lisa Knowles, DDS

Dentist and Speaker 

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About Dr. Lisa Knowles

Dr. Lisa Knowles earned her bachelor's degree in Communication from Alma College in Alma, Michigan. She pursued her dental degree at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and then completed a one-year general practice residency at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Her Beyond 32 Teeth mantra helps colleagues learn how to improve their patient outcomes, while also improving their incomes. She writes for several dental trade journals including the ADA Dental Practice Success, Dr. and Dental Economics. Dr. Knowles intentionally pushes boundaries while on the national speaking circuit to foster growth in the dental profession and to complete purposeful work.

Find her website for more information on her speaking and writing topics. 

Courses Offered

How to Create an Independent Dental Office

A review of the top ten skills you need to thrive when you are not contracted with any insurance companies. This three hour course taps into your inner leadership skills, to hone them into a fine machine, ready for battle. Although insurance companies are not our enemies, the suffocating feeling of their rules and regulations can be stifling.

If you would like to regain more freedom in the way you practice, but do not know where to start, this course is for you.

Dr. Knowles reviews how she started her dental practice with not one insurance contract or patient. Her start up story is worth hearing if you, too, want to understand how to work with insurance companies on an equal level and practice without insurance contracts. 

Lecture: Three Hours


  • Review top ten skills needed to practice without insurance contracts 
  • Develop leadership skills to help attain an independent dental office
  • Learn to deal with insurance companies on your level

Restore: The Clinician's Ultimate Guide to Restore Teeth, Your Team, and Your Well-Being

This three-hour course reviews restorative traps to avoid that will save both time and money, yet allow you to create the finest composites and crowns on a budget. It provides step-by-step instructions for leaders of teams to enhance productivity and team culture. The course ends with self improvement concepts to help you last in dentistry by restoring your mind and body.

Dr. Knowles' ability to deliver all three of these topics is rare. Her background in clinical dentistry, communication and coaching gives her this unique ability to provide an all-in-one experience!

Lecture: Three Hours


  • To enhance time management skills for better, low-cost restorative
  • Learn how to enhance productivity by motivating your team
  • Review self-improvement concepts to restore your mind and body

Four Day Dental Team Retreat

Dr. Knowles says, "Give me four days, and I will increase your team culture dramatically."

This is your opportunity to work with Dr. Knowles in a one-on-one setting. She will analyze your team's functionality ahead of time and then work with you to help them make a transition, help them self-improve, and help them to increase office productivity. This is at an off-site destination of your choice and requires 6-12 months advanced planning.

Take part in a new way to learn: away from distractions and away from the same old ways of thinking. Highly recommended for teams with new members or with transitioning into new systems or doctors.

Workshop: Four Day Retreat


  • Improvement in your team's functionality for a more productive office when you return
  • To help train new team members or transition into new systems or doctors

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Keep Your Head in the Game

Infuse a mindful practice into your daily life and watch your problems melt away. Learn how to slow down, calm your mind and still remain on the cutting edge.

Dr. Knowles shares her training from Duke University's Integrative Medicine program to help you balance out the competitive, driven, over-scheduled lifestyle you lead. Professionals that give and serve others are at risk for burn out and physical injuries. Leave this session feeling restored, renewed and ready to serve the needs of others again. This session is the 'fill me up' that all professionals need. Excellent take aways will be discussed to pass on to patients and clients alike.

Lecture: One to Three Hour classes Available


  • To show methods to decrease stress in your practice and life
  • To teach methods to pass on to help patients

How to Produce a Memorable Daily Show

From hiring the right actors to collecting at the box office-this course is for you and your team. Patients watch us as if we are on stage. Knowing how to create a show-stopping patient experience is crucial.

Dr. Knowles takes a deep look into interpersonal communication, marketing and the business side of running your own show. Her background in Communication and Small Business helps her to see patient care through a different lens. She will teach you how to do the same, to make your days run as smoothly as a Broadway show! Audience members will ultimately become part of the show and take back memorable concepts for the entire team.

Lecture: One to three hour sessions available


  • Learn to create a memorable patient experience
  • Review methods to make the office day run smoothly
  • Marketing techniques to attract new patients

What you say, Determines Your Pay

Case acceptance is challenging when words clumsily come out of our mouths. Our confidence disappears--despite having a great deal of knowledge to share with our patients. With jumbled words, patients become uneasy and your case acceptance declines, and overall production dips. Without revenue, the practice cannot afford to pay higher wages and raises become sporadic, if at all.

If your goal is to make more money and feel confident in delivering messages, Dr. Knowles will review specific word usage and the A.W.E. business technique to help you get the right words out of your mouth. At the same time, she will discuss the importance of word choices in creating the optimal patient relationship. By creating a relationship with your patients through tried and true communication techniques, she will show you how to increase your confidence, your case acceptance, watch behaviors change and ultimately increase your take-home pay.

Lecture: One to three hour classes available


  • To become more confident in treatment plan presentation
  • Be aware of word choices to allow better communication with patients  

The Mouth & its Messages: An Oral & Systemic Health Review

Are you tired of putting Band-Aids on your patients when a larger, more in-depth problem exists? An unhealthy mouth indicates an unhealthy body, but we may be unsure of next step initiatives to get our patients on the road to health.

Dr. Knowles offers a way to transcend our traditional 'patch, patch, patch' roles and invigorates the medical profession with her tried and true success stories as a professional who thinks beyond 32 teeth. Dr. Knowles reviews the clinical oral manifestations of stress, disease and behavior types throughout the session and reviews current studies associating the oral and systemic connections. By addressing these issues, she helps dentists and medical professionals to join forces to  recognize the greater needs of patients. Incidentally, greater awareness leads to higher financial rewards for the entire team and a more satisfied patient.

Lecture: One to three hour classes available


  • To firmly establish oral and systemic connections
  • Enable communication between dentists and medical personnel for  better patient care
  • Review oral signs of stress and disease

LEED and LEAD: Eco-Friendly Dentistry

Patients are looking for certain qualities when they seek dental care. They want someone with good hands and a good reputation. With an understanding of LEED building or remodeling concepts, we can enhance our overall reputation in the community and attract patients looking for a green, eco-friendly professional. 

This session will not only review LEED features, but it will also discuss several environmentally conscious steps any office can take to become a better steward of its office surroundings.

Dr. Knowles will discuss how our environmental choices can help or hinder our overall health-particularly when it comes to diseases like asthma, heart disease and cancer. She will also discuss how awareness can lead to more income in your pocket. She will review how being green leads to many unexpected, positive  outcomes, like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and other conscious serving businesses have seen. These consumers need and want conscious healthcare, too!

Lecture: One to three hour classes available


  • Help your practice become more eco-friendly and health conscious
  • Discuss  environmental choices and overall health 
  • Review LEED concepts